Burrillville's current Comprehensive Plan covers a broad range of topics in nine chapters and an introduction, as well as baseline information about current trends that affect the way the town may develop in the future. Current Plan chapters include:

  •          Natural & Cultural Resources
  •          Community Services & Facilities
  •          School Facilities
  •          Housing & Affordable Housing Strategy
  •          Circulation
  •          Economic Development
  •          Open Space, Conservation & Recreation
  •          Land Use
  •          Implementation

The current plan shows concern for, “ . . . maintaining the rural character of the community, while allowing growth, which will comfortably support existing and future infrastructures of the community. The natural environment of Burrillville is highly valued by its residents, and viewed as important to both the quality of life and the successful future economic development of the community. While residents highly favor land preservation, they also understand the importance of maintaining the affordability of the community through tax base expansion.”

Why does Burrillville need a new Comprehensive Plan?

Burrillville’s current Plan was finalized in 2005 and is fully approved by the State of Rhode Island Division of Planning. However, recent changes to the Act require municipalities to address new issues including Natural Hazards & Climate Change and Energy.  This update will incorporate these topics, and also address the other standards in the act, as described in the Rhode Island Comprehensive Plan Standards Manual. 

By and large, these standards do not dictate what cities and towns must do, but rather the questions they must ask themselves.  Is the town using maps and data to make decisions?  Has the town considered its population trends?  How are these trends being used to make decisions about what kinds of recreation, or housing, or infrastructure is most needed in town?

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